Choosing Between Authorized Dealer And Independent Auto Body Repair Shop

When you get into an accident you need to make a decision – whether to take your car to an authorized – and expensive – dealer or to an ICBC express repair shop. There are no hard and fast rules for making this kind of a decision. You just need to know about the quality of service they provide before choosing one of them.

It can be a safe option to take your car back to the authorized dealer for such repairs. The dealer would likely have a team of certified and trained mechanics, who would able to take care of all your car problems. As will an ICBC Valet Repair shop. The beauty of and ICBC repair shop like Sangam Autobody is we provide you with an extra level of service for instance:

1) We always guarantee and appointment in 24 hours

2) We repair all glass claims

3) We can file your ICBC repair claim meaning no visits to the ICBC claim centre

4) We always provide a free rental upgrade

These are just some of the reasons to choose our shop over a dealership. We also give you peace of mind by:

1) Providing free estimates for Autobody Repair & Auto Glass Claims

2) Computerized matching system

3) Direct Billing to ICBC or other insurance you may carry.

4) Life time guarantee on all our repairs.

As an independent Autobody shop we have been consistently voted the top auto body shop by the readers of the surrey leader.  So rest assured we can handle you claim for any make or model.



Proper Automotive Rust Repair

Here is an awesome video on Rust repair & how to do it properly. If you have a car that you are restoring or are getting rust bubbles we can help.

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5 Items you shouldn’t buy from your car dealership

Whether you bought your car new or used, it’s important to maintain it properly and to use high-quality replacement parts. After all, a complex machine like a car is only as good as its parts.

For certain replacement parts, it makes sense to buy new from a dealer, or used from an original parts supplier. More common replacement parts, however, can often be found for much cheaper at your local warehouse store or auto parts outlet. These are five items that you can buy aftermarket without sacrificing quality or reliability.

1. Battery

For some cars, a replacement battery from the dealer can cost more than twice as much as a comparable battery from a warehouse or auto parts store. Although there are many brands of car batteries out there, most of these brands are made by the same handful of manufacturers. These major manufacturers produce high quality replacement batteries that will usually perform just as well as a battery from the dealership.

2. Motor oil

Some dealers sell motor oil that is labeled with your particular car manufacturer’s logo. Of course, auto manufacturers don’t actually make their own oil. They simply buy it from one of the big suppliers, slap on their logo and sell it at a premium. As long as you buy a reputable brand of motor oil that meets the specifications found in your owner’s manual, you will experience the same performance and oil life as the dealer brand.

3. Light bulbs

Light bulbs burn out all the time, and replacements can be very expensive if you buy them from your dealer. Simple halogen bulbs can cost in the tens of dollars while xenon bulbs can cost hundreds. Dealer prices for these bulbs can be many times the price for comparable bulbs found online or at an auto parts store.

4. Tires

Dealers and tire chains often sell the exact same tires, except dealers tend to only carry the most expensive brands that have the highest profit margins. Whether you’re looking for the expensive brands offered by the dealer or more reasonably priced brands, get some price quotes from the big tire chains, as well as some mom and pop shops. In some cases, you can save hundreds of dollars for the exact same tires.

5. Car covers

When it gets hot outside, it’s a good idea to cover your car in order to keep it cool and to protect the paint and interior. Your dealer probably sells a cover for your exact model that comes with a fancy logo, but that logo won’t provide any extra protection for your car. You can find a high quality cover at an auto parts store, a retail outlet or online for a quarter of the dealer price.

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ICBC C.a.r Shop

Now offering Glass Repair


How easy is it to get your windshield replaced? Just give us a call and we will line up an appointment with you that works. Or contact us with your preferred appointment day.

Why Choose Sangam?

We are the same guys you have trusted for years to get your car back on the road running the way that it should. We have now brought that same level of care and service to repairing your windshield. We are an ICBC Glass Express shop, meaning we do all the work for you, all you need to do is drop off your car.

What is an ICBC Glass Express Shop?

This means we will call ICBC and file your claim, all you need to do is set an appointment time and we will get you brand new glass. Our technicians have been checked out by ICBC so you can trust you are going to get quality work done on your car.

How Much Does It Cost?

All you need to pay is your glass deductible. Its that simple. Drop off the car and we will replace the windshield, once it is done, pay us the deductible and you are on your way. A week or so later you will receive a letter from ICBC verifying your claim.

How about Rock Chips?

Swing by with your car, we are always around to take a look, it is normally better to get the chip repaired immediately after it happens to avoid any further damage. The smallest chip jeopardizes your safety, do not let it fester.

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Restore your Headlights for Free with Toothpaste

Headlight restoration kits cost $20 or more and most people don’t have polishing compound laying around (we do, but we’re an auto-body shop), so today’s Car Care Tip is for DIYers looking for a way to use that last stubborn bit o’ toothpaste and pretty-up their high-beams.

For the quick clean method all you need is water, two rags, and toothpaste. If you’d like to go more in-depth and get closer to what a shop could do for you, follow the second method.

First a couple of cautions:

These methods won’t work if your headlights are cracked or have moisture inside them. You will have to remove the assembly and possibly replace it.

Any polishing or sanding will remove the very thin layer of UV protection over your lenses (if there’s any left at all). You can reapply this layer with an aftermarket clear-coat available in a spray can. Brands include Clear View, Spray Max, and Opticoat.

Quick Method for Restoring Surface-Damaged Headlights

You need:

  • Leftover toothpaste – almost any kind will work, some are better than others. If it says “whitening” it’s perfect
  • A bucket of water or hose
  • A wet rag for polishing
  • A dry rag for buffing
  1. Use masking tape to mask around your headlights and protect them from accidental abrasion.
  2. Pour or spray water on the headlight
  3. Smear toothpaste all over that sucker
  4. Wet your rag and start rubbing the paste into the headlight. Use a firm touch and move your rag in swirls
  5. Rinse the headlight
  6. Buff with a dry cloth

You should see a noticeable difference now that we’ve cleaned the surface layer of gunk and polished out some of the fine scratches in the top glaze. If you aren’t satisfied and want to go further, the second method follows.

Full Headlight Restoration Process

You’ll need:

  • Everything from the list above


  • Sandpaper
  • Protective wax
  1. Use masking tape and mask around the headlights
  2. Soak your first piece of sandpaper in water and wet the headlight
  3. Begin sanding the headlight with back-and-forth strokes. Keep the sandpaper wet at all times
  4. As you remove nicks and scratches you’ll feel the surface begin to smooth under your hand.
  5. Switch to the next highest grit sandpaper and repeat Steps 3 to 5 until you’ve finished with the 1500 grit
  6. Rinse the headlight and smear it with toothpaste
  7. Wet your rag and swirl the toothpaste onto the headlight like Mr. Miagi taught you
  8. Rinse headlight
  9. Buff with dry cloth till clarity is achieved
  10. Apply UV Protective coating according to product directions